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Verix V Downloads

This section is for downloading software files for ARM CPU-based terminals, including the Omni 51xx and Vx family.

  • Development Suite CD Images - The Development Suite contains the OS software development kit (SDK) and optional libraries, tools and applications (ex. VMAC)
  • Core Operating Systems - The core operating system is the base software required for each terminal.
  • COM Device Firmware - Updates and configuration files for eVo terminal devices. Ex. modem profiles, radio firmware, etc.

Development Suite CD Images

          Vx Development Suite CD Images
Title Version Release Notes
Verix eVo Development Suite 1.2.0* Verix_eVo_DTK_1_2_0_ReadMe_RevB.rtf*
Verix V Enhanced Comm. Libraries 10.0.0* Vx_ECL_10_0_0_ReadMe.txt*
          Vx Development Suite Component Updates
Title Version Release Notes 1.1.1* Vx_VCS_Bluetooth_1_1_1_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V/eVo VMAC 2.7.0* Verix_eVo_VMAC_2_7_0_ReadMe.rtf*
Verix V/eVo Tools 1.3.0* Verix_eVo_Tools_1_3_0_ReadMe.rtf*
Verix V/eVo SDK 3.9.0* VxSDK390.txt*
Verix V/eVo CardSlot 4.0.0* VerixV_CardSlot_4.0.0_Readme.txt*
Verix V/eVo ACT 1.14.0* Verix_eVo_ACT_ReadMe_1_14_0.rtf*
Verix V default certificate (vxsign.crt) default* *
Verix V VxDL 1.2.0* Vx_VxDL_1_2_0_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V Universal Communication Library (for RVDS 4.0 Pkg) 2.21.1* Vx_UCL_2_21_1_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V TCP/IP Library (RVDS 4.0) 5.21.2* Vx_TCPIP_5_21_2_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V TCP/IP Library (RVDS 2.0) 5.1.2* Vx_TCPIP_5_1_2_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V External Smart Card Reader 3.0.1* VerixV_ESCR_ 3.0.1_Readme.pdf*
Verix V Comm Server Wi-Fi 2.0.0* Vx_VCS_WIFI_2_0_0_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V Comm Server GPRS 2.0.0* VerixV_Readme.txt*
Verix V Comm Server Ethernet 2.0.0* Vx_VCS_Ethernet_2_0_0_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V Comm Server CDMA 1.0.0* Vx_VCS_CDMA_1_0_0_ReadMe.txt*
VeriShield File Signing Tool 6.2.3* VeriShield_FST_readme-6.02.03.txt*
VERIX V IP DOWNLOAD LIBRARY V1.21.0(For RVDS 4.0 Pkg) 1.21.0* Vx_IPDL_1_21_0_ReadMe.txt*
SSL Application Migration 1.01* *
RVDS 4.0 build 902 RVDS4.0 build 902* Readme.html*
Font Generation Tool 2.8.0* Verix_eVo_FontGenerationTool_2_8_0_ReadMe.rtf*
Certificate Removal Tool for 2048-bit certificates (OS 20A0 and later) 4.2* *
Certificate Removal Tool for 1024-bit certificates (OS below 20A0) 4.2* *

Core Operating Systems

Title Version Mfg Date Release Notes
Vx810 QG0012A7* 02/06/2012 QG0012A7.txt*
Vx810 QG0020A2* 08/09/2012 QG0020A2.txt*
Vx700 QH0020A0* 11/03/2011 QH0020A0.txt*
Vx700 QH0011A2* 10/29/2010 QH0011A2.txt*
Vx670 QD0012A7* 09/27/2012 QD0012A7.txt*
Vx670 QD0012A8* 03/05/2014 QD0012A8.txt*
Vx610 QB0111A4* 03/05/2012 QB0111A4.txt*
Vx610 QB0120A0* 03/04/2012 QB0120A0.txt*
Vx570 QC0011A6* 01/24/2013 QC0011A6.txt*
Vx510 GPRS QJ0012A0* 09/14/2010 QJ0012A0.txt*
Vx510 QA0012A3* 11/23/2011 QA0012A3.txt*
Vx510 QA0020A0* 03/20/2011 QA0020A0.txt*
V5 QE0008A3* 01/03/2011 QE0008A3.txt*

COM Device Firmware

Device Terminal Version Release Notes Description
Vx 670; Conexant Wi-Fi Vx 670 CX090119* Readme_CX090119.txt* Conexant Wi-Fi Firmware update.
Verix V Modem Profiles for Vx670, Vx700 and Vx810 Duet Vx670 Vx700 Vx810 Duet 9* A-SILABCMPIMG09_readme.txt* Modem profile bundle for the Vx670, Vx700 and Vx810 Duet terminals. These terminals use the SiLabs modem.
Conexant "Eisenhower" Modem Profiles Vx570, Vx510 Refresh 7* A-ECMPIMG07_readme.txt* Vx510 Refresh and Vx570 Modem Profile Bundle
Conexant "Eisenhower" Modem V5 Only 5* A-V5CMPIMG05_readme.txt* V5 Modem Profile bundle
Conexant "Banshee" Modem Profiles (LAC) Vx510, Vx510 GPRS and Vx610 6* AL-VXCMPIMG06_readme.txt* Vx510, Vx510 GPRS and Vx610 Modem Profile Bundle for the LAC Region
Conexant "Banshee" Modem Profiles (EMEA) Vx510, Vx610 7* AE-VXCMPIMG07_readme.txt* Vx510 and Vx610 Modem Profile Bundle for EMEA region
Conexant "Banshee" Modem Profiles (ASPAC) Vx510, Vx610 5* AL-VXCMPIMG05_readme.txt* Vx510 and Vx610 Modem Profile Bundle for ASPAC region
Conexant "Banshee" Modem Vx 510, Vx 610 B3052F-06* ReadMeWF96US.txt* US Country Profile Update
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