Verix V Downloads

This section is for downloading software files for ARM CPU-based terminals, including the Omni 51xx and Vx family.

  • EOS Packages - The extended operating system (EOS) packages extend your operating system functionality providing features like networking and contactless EMV. EOS may be separately downloaded from the core operating system
  • Development Suite CD Images - The Development Suite contains the OS software development kit (SDK) and optional libraries, tools and applications (ex. VMAC)
  • Core Operating Systems - The core operating system is the base software required for each terminal.
  • COM Device Firmware - Updates and configuration files for eVo terminal devices. Ex. modem profiles, radio firmware, etc.

EOS Packages

          Vx EOS Downloads
Title Terminal Version Rel Date Release Notes
Verix eVo(EOS-9)* 09/27/2010 Verix_eVo_1_0_3_8_ReadMe_1.txt*
          Vx EOS Patches
Title Version EOS Version Release Notes

Development Suite CD Images

          Vx Development Suite CD Images
Title Version Release Notes
Verix eVo Development Suite 1.2.0* Verix_eVo_DTK_1_2_0_ReadMe_RevB.rtf*
Verix V Enhanced Comm. Libraries 10.0.0* Vx_ECL_10_0_0_ReadMe.txt*
          Vx Development Suite Component Updates
Title Version Release Notes 1.1.1* Vx_VCS_Bluetooth_1_1_1_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V default certificate (vxsign.crt) default* *
Verix V VxDL 1.2.0* Vx_VxDL_1_2_0_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V Universal Communication Library (for RVDS 4.0 Pkg) 2.21.1* Vx_UCL_2_21_1_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V TCP/IP Library 4.26.2* Vx_TCPIP_4_26_2_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V SDK 3.8.4* VxSDK384.txt*
Verix V SDK 3.8.5* VxSDK385.txt*
Verix V SDK 3.8.3* VxSDK383.txt*
Verix V External Smart Card Reader 3.0.0* VerixV_ESCR_ 3.0.0_Readme.pdf*
Verix V Comm Server WIFI 1.0.2* Vx_VCS_WIFI_1_0_2_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V Comm Server ETHERNET 1.1.5* Vx_VCS_Ethernet_1_1_5_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V Comm Server CDMA 1.0.0* Vx_VCS_CDMA_1_0_0_ReadMe.txt*
Verix V CardSlot 3.0.1* VerixV_CardSlot_3.0.1_Readme.txt*
Verix V / eVo VMAC 2.5.1* Verix_eVo_VMAC_2_5_1_ReadMe.rtf*
Verix V / eVo Tools 1.3.0* Verix_eVo_Tools_1_3_0_ReadMe.rtf*
Verix V / eVo ACT 1.8.0* Verix_eVo_ACT_ReadMe_1_8_0.rtf*
VERIX V VCS-GPRS V1.1.3 1.1.3* Vx_VCS_GPRS_1_1_3_ReadMe.txt*
VERIX V IP DOWNLOAD LIBRARY V1.21.0(For RVDS 4.0 Pkg) 1.21.0* Vx_IPDL_1_21_0_ReadMe.txt*
Font Generation Tool 2.5.0* Verix_eVo_FontGenerationTool_2_5_0_ReadMe.rtf*
Certificate Removal Tool for 1024-bit certificates (OS below 20A0) 4.2* *
Certificate Removal Tool for 2048-bit certificates (OS 20A0 and later) 4.2* *

RVDS 4.0 build 902

RVDS4.0 build 902* Readme.html*

Core Operating Systems

Title Version Mfg Date Release Notes
Vx810 QG0012A7* 02/06/2012 QG0012A7.txt*
Vx810 QG0020A2* 08/09/2012 QG0020A2.txt*
Vx700 QH0020A0* 11/03/2011 QH0020A0.txt*
Vx700 QH0011A2* 10/29/2010 QH0011A2.txt*
Vx670 QD0012A7* 09/27/2012 QD0012A7.txt*
Vx670 QD0012A8* 03/05/2014 QD0012A8.txt*
Vx610 QB0111A4* 03/05/2012 QB0111A4.txt*
Vx610 QB0120A0* 03/04/2012 QB0120A0.txt*
Vx570 QC0011A6* 01/24/2013 QC0011A6.txt*
Vx510 GPRS QJ0012A0* 09/14/2010 QJ0012A0.txt*
Vx510 QA0012A3* 11/23/2011 QA0012A3.txt*
Vx510 QA0020A0* 03/20/2011 QA0020A0.txt*
V5 QE0008A3* 01/03/2011 QE0008A3.txt*

COM Device Firmware

Device Terminal Version Release Notes Description
Vx 670; Conexant Wi-Fi Vx 670 CX090119* Readme_CX090119.txt* Conexant Wi-Fi Firmware update.
Verix V Modem Profiles for Vx670, Vx700 and Vx810 Duet Vx670 Vx700 Vx810 Duet 9* A-SILABCMPIMG09_readme.txt* Modem profile bundle for the Vx670, Vx700 and Vx810 Duet terminals. These terminals use the SiLabs modem.
Conexant "Eisenhower" Modem Profiles Vx570, Vx510 Refresh 7* A-ECMPIMG07_readme.txt* Vx510 Refresh and Vx570 Modem Profile Bundle
Conexant "Eisenhower" Modem V5 Only 5* A-V5CMPIMG05_readme.txt* V5 Modem Profile bundle
Conexant "Banshee" Modem Profiles (LAC) Vx510, Vx510 GPRS and Vx610 6* AL-VXCMPIMG06_readme.txt* Vx510, Vx510 GPRS and Vx610 Modem Profile Bundle for the LAC Region
Conexant "Banshee" Modem Profiles (EMEA) Vx510, Vx610 7* AE-VXCMPIMG07_readme.txt* Vx510 and Vx610 Modem Profile Bundle for EMEA region
Conexant "Banshee" Modem Profiles (ASPAC) Vx510, Vx610 5* AL-VXCMPIMG05_readme.txt* Vx510 and Vx610 Modem Profile Bundle for ASPAC region
Conexant "Banshee" Modem Vx 510, Vx 610 B3052F-06* ReadMeWF96US.txt* US Country Profile Update
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